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        1. About 簡介  


        南京國傲裝飾設計公司是一家從事酒店、餐飲、會所及高端空間裝修裝飾設計企業,創立于2006年。公司服務與對設計和品質有更高要求的客戶。 pud 濮仕文設計事務所,是由南京國傲裝飾公司合伙人濮仕文先生創辦的獨立設計機構,善于餐飲、酒店、會所及商業空間,并對各種新奇想法及設計高要求有濃厚的興趣和創新能力。濮仕文先生十多年的設計經歷,從100平方米到1萬平方米的空間,從普通住宅到五星級豪華酒店,不同風格、不同業態,不局限于一種思維,靈活多變、創新力足做為設計根本。

        Nanjing national proud Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a hotel, restaurant, club and high-end space decoration and decoration design enterprise, founded in 2006. Company services and customers with higher requirements for design and quality. PUD Pushi Wen design office is an independent design institute founded by Mr. Pu Shiwen, a partner of Nanjing Guo Ao Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., which is good at catering, hotels, clubs and mansions, and has strong interest and innovation in all kinds of novelty ideas and high design requirements. Mr. Pu Shiwen's more than 10 years of design experience, from 100 square meters to 10 thousand square meters of space, from ordinary housing to five star luxury hotel, with different styles and formats, is not limited to a kind of thinking, flexible and innovative enough to be the design basis.



        2. Enterprise 企業理念  

        藝術 創造 價值


        Conceiving Space with Art,Create value with design!



        3Others 其他服務

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